ZEISS Spectroscopy: Elevating Snack Quality at SNACKEX 2024

Corona process Tortillas

Corona process Tortillas

mei 01, 2024

ZEISS Spectroscopy will once again be taking part at SNACKEX. The international trade fair focused on savoury snacks is taking place on 19 – 20 June 2024 in Stockholm. The focus this year is on quality assurance as a key aspect in the food industry. 

The control of ingredients such as fat, moisture and color are particularly important in the production of snacks. Near-infrared (NIR) technology has established itself as a common method for this. 

Due to the wide variety of snack products, many different chemometric calibration models are required. Until now, these models could only be created by external experts, of whom there are only a few in the food industry with the necessary background knowledge. 

The innovative SL Calibration Generator from ZEISS Spectroscopy enables all customers, regardless of their experience with NIR and chemometrics, to create chemometric calibration models with just a few clicks. 

This saves time and money and offers customers greater flexibility. If a product is changed and requires a new calibration, the customer can develop it themselves. 

The predicted values obtained from the calibration enable real-time monitoring and optimization of food production. This leads to less waste, which is sustainable, and to a desired, consistent quality. 

Visit ZEISS Spectroscopy at SNACKEX, booth #562, to learn more!

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