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    The United States Potato Board (USPB) is tapping into the food and bakery business in Thailand by promoting the use of dehydrated potatoes.

    The USPB, a non-profit organisation that represents potato growers, is working with the Thai food industry to provide information about nutrition and the convenience of the products for consumers, retailers, culinary professionals and food manufacturers, according to Teresa Kuwahara, the USPB's international marketing manager for dehydrated products.

    The board is also promoting frozen and fresh chipping potatoes in Thailand.

    According to Ms Kuwahara, Thailand last year imported US$6.73 million worth of US potatoes and demand was rising. Frozen potatoes totalled 8,969 tonnes or 56% of local market consumption, followed by 497 tonnes of dehydrated potatoes for a 42% share. US fresh chipping potatoes had a 4% share with 237 tonnes imported.