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Snow shuts down Simplot's Portage La Prairie potato processing plant

Snow shuts down Simplot's Portage La Prairie, Manitoba potato processing plant (Courtesy: Mike Blum)

The build-up of snow and ice on the roof at Simplot's potato processing facility just west of Portage la Prairie in Manitoba, Canada has led to a shutdown.

Josh Jordan is a Senior Communications Manager for the J.R. Simplot Company, and he explains after noticing the heavy build up they called in KGS Group, a consulting engineer firm.

KGS found that the amount of snow and ice was of concern, and proceeded to recommend Simplot should take steps to remove some of it. Jordan notes it's unfortunate they had to shut down but adds the safety of personnel remains a priority.

Josh Jordan:

“The safety of our personnel is obviously the most important thing for us.”

“We'll be able to make up any lost time by running a little bit more through when we're back up and running.”

Jordan adds they are hoping to be back open come this Saturday.

He notes, everyone there is ready for spring.