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French Fries and Potato Specialties

Lamb Weston / Meijer completes acquisition potato division Oerlemans Foods
Lamb Weston / Meijer, the European joint venture of Lamb Weston Holdings, Inc., announced June 15th that it has completed its acquisition of the potato division of Oerlemans Foods.
Colombia: Evalúan medidas de protección contra importación de papa congelada
El Ministerio de Comercio, Industria y Turismo y Fedepapa integraron una mesa de trabajo técnico, a través de la cual se les orientó sobre los mecanismos de defensa comercial que existen y que pueden solicitar ante esta cartera, en momentos en que han manifestado verse afectados por el aumento de importación de papa congelada.
Friday, June 16, 2017
Potato Expo 2018 Now Accepting Submissions For Sessions And Panels
The new Potato Expo Innovation Hub is now open and accepting abstract submissions for the Potato Expo 2018, the largest convention and trade show for the potato industry in North America.
Lamb Weston is adding potato storage capacity in Pasco, Washington
Lamb Weston has started the construction of additional potato storage facilities in Pasco, Washington, representing an investment of USD 3.4 million
Potato Product Fryers: an overview
Potato Product Fryers 101: Selecting the right fryer design is one of the most critical decisions in potato processing. Don Giles, Director of Sales, Processing Systems at Heat and Control explains how specialised fryer designs improve productivity and quality.
Application of PEF in French Fries production: an Elea / Wernsing success story since 2012
Wernsing Feinkost GmbH, a German manufacturer of potato products and delicatessen salads, implemented one of the first Elea PEF systems into their French fry processing line in 2012, replacing their installed traditional preheater.
McCain Foods Australia invests AU$57 million in Ballarat potato processing plant
McCain Foods Australia has announced a AU$57 million investment to revitalise its potato processing plant in Ballarat, which is expected to create 100 construction jobs and increase production by 25 per cent.
The science of taste: why you choose fries over broccoli
Most people say that if there is a healthy choice on a menu they will take it. But observations and research show this is generally not the case.