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  • Koch Separation Solutions help Royal Avebe to create high-value potato protein
Koch Separation Solutions Expands Global Presence in Plant-Based Protein Production

Koch Separation Solutions Expands Global Presence in Plant-Based Protein Production

maart 18, 2021
Koch Separation Solutions (KSS) announced today that it will collaborate with Royal Avebe (Avebe), a leading international starch manufacturer, to implement a comprehensive separation solution for plant-based protein processing. The project will rely on KSS's extensive technological expertise to create a high-value protein product.

Martin Awe, General Manager EU & Africa at KSS:
"This latest collaboration enhances our long partnership with Avebe; a partnership that has brought KSS's cutting-edge filtration technologies and separation solutions to Avebe's important work in protein processing operations across a variety of industries.”

“KSS has a long-standing history in delivering filtration and separation solutions to the food and beverage market globally, and we are excited to continue our work in supporting Avebe's current and future separation demands."
Avebe is paving the way in alternatives for traditional animal-based ingredients. As new products in this market emerge, so do new separation challenges. In the case of Avebe's process, the major challenge is to produce a functional protein product under more hygienic processing conditions.

KSS is an adept partner to tackle this challenge, offering reliable, best-fit sanitary technology for the concentration, clarification, and purification of high-value plant-based products.

Prof. Dr. Ir Kees van der Voort Maarschalk, Chief Technology Officer of Royal Avebe:
"This is an important development in our work with KSS, with whom we have enjoyed a productive, valuable and long-lasting partnership.”

“This new technology is critical to fulfilling our customers' needs. We are seeing increasing demand for our products and offerings, and I'm confident that leveraging KSS's technology, its comprehensive know-how, and decades of experience in filtration and membrane technology we will be more successful in serving our customers."
This new project commenced with Avebe's request for KSS to design, engineer, construct, and service several state-of-the-art filtration systems, as well as for the supply of KSS's advanced membrane products for this process. The project is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2021.
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