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Stoller - VigorSeed: fast and uniform germination of potato seeds.

Tuber yield per variety - Visual image of the control plot (left) and the plot treated with VigorSeed (right). Note the higher and more uniform germination and development of the treated Stoller plot.

VigorSeed is a product based on the Stoller technology which promotes the germination of seeds by improving the growth and development of roots for quicker planting.

Using VigorSeed in the furrows when planting potato seeds will give your crop a head start, maximizing the chances of obtaining higher yields and optimal quality.

VigorSeed: results of trials on potatoes

VigorSeed is a fertilizer specially formulated for the treatment of seeds. Thanks to its specific zinc and manganese content easily assimilated by the plant, the use of VigorSeed when sowing helps guarantee an excellent start for potato crops during the critical germination phase.

Trials carried out over the past 4 years in the Netherlands have shown that VigorSeed is an excellent tool a) to increase yields with just a single treatment; b) to ensure fast and uniform development of germination.
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Tuber yield per variety

The results of treatments on different varieties such as Agria, Fontane, Innovator, Jelly, and Markies have confirmed that treatment with VigorSeed has improved yields for all potato varieties with significant differences, from 12.9% to 29.5% compared to the control plot.

This data supports the use of VigorSeed to treat potato seeds, offering an effective and reliable solution to improve germination and guarantee optimal plant growth.

VigorSeed provides adequate physiological conditions to ensure the full genetic potential of the seeds, therefore increasing the yields of the treated varieties.