Variety Name: AgriaRights Holder | Breeder: KARTOFFELZUCHT BOHMCountry of Origin: Germany GermanyYear of of introduction: 1985
Agria is a variety suitable for fresh table consumption, french fries/chips and it also crisps well. The cooking type is floury, with excellent fry qualities. Agria has big, oval long tubers, yellow skin, and deep yellow flesh colour.

The tuber numbers are rather low, the dry matter content is high. Agria is suitable for growing all over Europe and the Middle East. Agria is also used for the production of organic crisps and french fries/chips.




Pre-sprouting (chitting) produces good tuber numbers. The planting distance at a tuber size of 35/55mm is about 32cm (40,000 plants per Ha) for chips - and 27cm (50,000 plants per Ha) for table cultivation.

Agria is susceptible to common scab, so irrigation is recommended on lighter soils.

A good ridge is recommended to avoid green tubers. The use of Metribuzin (eg.Sencorex) can give some reaction to the leaves and sometimes a slight yield reduction.

Agria has slow initial leaf development but during the growing season it develops well with strong foliage.

Agria is susceptible to bruising and care is needed to ensure skin set is achieved. Remove mother tubers when harvesting if possible.

Fertilizer Treatment Suggestions

The recommendation for Nitrogen is less than standard to get a sufficiently high dry matter content. A second application during the growing season can have a positive effect on the tuber numbers. Agria can react negatively to organic manure.


After careful harvesting, it is essential that the tubers are thoroughly dried. Agria has a long dormancy and can be stored well for a longer period at 6o C.


Agria is susceptible to common scab and can be susceptible to blackleg. The resistance to foliage blight is moderate and to tuber blight is reasonable.

Agria is resistant to virus X and has good resistance to virus A, virus Yn, and spraying but is a little susceptible to fusarium (dry rot).

Agria is resistant to Potato Cyst Nematodes (PCN) 1 and 4.

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