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Arafa Company is a private owned company that was established in 1991. It started as a grower and a producer for the conventional products in the local market. In 2001 Arafa Company started exporting the best quality of its agricultural products. In the early beginnings Arafa specialized in vegetables only mainly in potato crops.

But as its reputation was growing it expanded its range of products to include both vegetables and fruits. Arafa is a key local market player for the cultivation, packing and exporting of fresh Potatoes specially crisps potatoes which sold to chips factories. Their processing potatoes specifications is ideal for chips and French fries with high in solids and low in sugars.

Arafa aims to increase the Egyptian exporting agricultural products with respect to both quantity and international quality standards. continuously updating it's operations, products range, and service scope to meet the needs of the international market, as well as the maintaining its prominent presence in the local arena.
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