Variety Name: JellyRights Holder | Breeder: KARTOFFELZUCHT BOHMCountry of Origin: Germany GermanyYear of of introduction: 2002Parentage: MARABEL
JELLY - combines very high market yields, uniform medium to large grading size, good drought tolerance, and resistance to secondary growth with good culinary quality. it has excellent taste, very suitable for pre-packing and french fries.

Variety Characteristics:
  • Maturity - medium late
  • Cooking type - B
  • Consumption quality - mainly firm cooking, high consumption quality, and low discoloration after cooking, suitability for processing to French fries
  • Yield - very high marketable yield, medium to large-sized tubers, uniform grading
  • Youth development - rapid
  • Dormancy - good dormancy

Tuber characteristics:
  • Tuber shape - oval
  • Eye depth - shallow
  • Flesh color - yellow
  • Skin color - yellow
  • Skin - smooth - netted
  • Number of tubers - medium

  • PCN - Ro1, Ro2/3, Ro 4, Ro5
  • Potato wart disease - 1, 2 (a), 6 (a)

  • Common scab - low
  • Spraing - low
  • Bruising - low
  • Mechanical damage - low - medium

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