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SunRain Potato Varieties

SunRain Potato Varieties is supplier of seed potatoes, able to offer over a hundred different varieties.

The SunRain seed production system starts in its tissue culture facility in Idaho Falls. This way they ensure a start from disease free tissue culture and throughout the multiplication, they employ the highest standards of hygiene to ensure the plantlet production process remains disease free.

Prior to planting, all of the soil in the greenhouses is steamed to ensure a pathogen free growing environment for the plantlets. Sunrain plants its greenhouses contra seasonally in order to further ensure a disease free environment for its minituber production. Tubers are grown to ensure vigor and disease free production at the next stage of production. All SunRain minitubers are stored onsite to ensure they receive the highest level of attention during the storage process.

SunRain then takes its minitubers to their early generation seed production in Driggs, Idaho. Nestled against forest land and near the base of the Grand Tetons, this farm gives the isolation and rich mountain soil needed for high-quality seed production. High elevation and pure mountain water provide the growing conditions ideal for early generation seed production. Leading edge storage system and sizing operation ensure that customers receive the seed they need when they need it.

The last step in the SunRain production cycle is its Utah production seed farm. Here, the seed is planted whole and managed to maintain the high standards their customers demand. Seed is grown to exacting disease free standards and killed to deliver the size their customers need. Again, a leading edge storage facility is employed allowing for flexibility in delivery times and proper management of the seed storage process.

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SunRain Potato Varieties
  • 5466 W. 49th South
    Idaho Falls, ID 83402
    United States