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Re-branded Rosti Stuft Spuds Showcased at Fancy Food Show
Re-branded Rosti Stuft Spuds Showcased at Fancy Food Show
Crispy Filled, Inc. is pleased to announce the re-branding of its Rösti brand of crispy filled potato products, under the new brand name, Rösti Stuft Spuds™.

The change in brand name, accompanied by a re-design of the carton graphics was made in response to market research data and consumer feedback received during the brand’s first full year in the market.

Stephen Caldwell, founder, CEO and President of Crispy Filled, Inc.:
"The Rösti brand of Crispy Shredded Potato products filled with meats, cheeses, veggies and spices exceeded our expectations in the market. However, we frequently faced the need to explain and educate consumers regarding their question … what is a Rosti?"

"We addressed the issue by reinforcing the brand identity and messaging with a stronger brand name, enhanced package design and more appetizing product imagery. We believe that the product benefits will be easier for consumers to understand and result in increased purchases."
The company is excited to showcase the re-branded Rösti Stuft Spuds at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City, June 12-14 at the Javitz Convention Center. Crispy Filled, Inc. will launch a new complimentary product line of crispy filled Cheese Bites under the new brand name, Fundu Cheese Bites™ at the show.

Stephen Caldwell:
"We will continue our aggressive innovation and marketing of several types of filled frozen products. Like Rosti Stuft Spuds, the Fundu Cheese Bites product line is another first to market, category creator."
Rosti Stuft Spuds Stuffed baked potato

Rosti Stuft Spuds Stuffed baked potato

Both the Rösti Stuft Spuds and the new Fundu Cheese Bites will be showcased at the Crispy Filled, Inc. Booth #7158. Show attendees will be able to try samples of these most innovative and unique crispy filled treats.

Rosti Stuft Spuds products can be found at over 1,700 retailer stores across the United States including Whole Foods Markets nationally, Schnucks, Fred Meyer, and several Safeway / Albertsons divisions and they’re also available from QVC.