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The FAO Food Price Index back to its downward trend in May

The FAO Food Price Index back to its downward trend in May

juni 08, 2023
The FAO Food Price Index* (FFPI) averaged 124.3 points in May 2023, down 3.4 points (2.6 percent) from April and as much as 35.4 points (22.1 percent) from the all-time high it reached in March 2022.
Pringles® Creates New Collection With Two-Star Ingredients For A Deliciously Complex Tasting Experience

Pringles adds two new ingredients to the mix for a deliciously complex tasting experience: sweet potato and multigrains

juni 08, 2023
The snacking masterminds at Pringles® are at it again — this time putting a tasty twist on not only its beloved flavors, but its beloved potato-based crisps.
Wilson's Country chairman, Angus Wilson

Europe’s potato industry falls victim to extreme weather

juni 08, 2023
Extreme weather incidents are serving to rock Europe’s potato industry to its very foundations. Last year was actually the second warmest year on record in Europe. The drought conditions resulted in a dramatic downturn in overall potato output.
AlphaLab designed by Astaara Technology of Singapore

Astaara Technology showcases its package leak detector at Inter Foodtech Mumbai

juni 07, 2023
Among the remarkable innovations presented at InterFood Tech Mumbai was the AlphaLab, designed and manufactured by Astaara Technology of Singapore.
FPS Food Process Solutions Celebrates World Food Safety Day 2023 By Upholding Hygienic Standards in Food Processing

FPS Food Process Solutions Celebrates World Food Safety Day 2023 By Upholding Hygienic Standards in Food Processing

juni 07, 2023
FPS Food Process Solutions ("FPS") celebrates World Food Safety Day 2023 by keeping to its promise of upholding hygienic standards in food processing.
BRI Agri Institute Launched To Rev Up Potato Industry

Eleven Belt and Road countries create a potato industry network, propose a joint Potato Germplasm Resource Bank

juni 07, 2023
In a bid to turbocharge the potato industry, 11 Belt and Road (BRI) countries including China and Pakistan have joined international universities, companies and organisations to launch an international network on the potato industry at a forum held recently at China's Southwest University.
Heat and Control - Leaderboard - 20220920
US potato production area break records lows 2000/01 - 2022/23

US Potato Prices Expected to Ease but Stay Elevated according to Rabobank Report

juni 06, 2023
The Rabobank report on the US Potato Industry anticipates good prices for the remainder of the 2022/23 marketing year, particularly as the year comes to an end before the new crop harvest begins.
BluePrint Automation Gantry 300 swing

Secondary Packaging Automation: Is it Time?

juni 05, 2023
Secondary packaging refers to the process of packaging and labeling final products for display, shipping, or storage purposes.
Buteo HSI Newtec Plastic

Not just potatoes: Newtec investments in camera technology could revolutionise plastics recycling

juni 04, 2023
A Danish trio of partners is developing super-high-resolution, hyperspectral cameras that can determine the chemical composition of plastic waste and the different additives. The technology will have a huge impact on future plastics recycling.
Pepsico CEOs

PepsiCo's potato chips plant in Poland is its most sustainable factory in Europe

juni 03, 2023
PepsiCo has unveiled its most sustainable factory in Europe as the industry increasingly recognises the circular economy as a framework to help address global food system challenges.


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