Biostimulant Field Trial Results Impress British Potato Visitors

Marcus Palmer, Manager Owner at MJP Supplies, Algifol at BP23

Marcus Palmer, Manager Owner at MJP Supplies, Algifol at BP23

november 27, 2023
A biostimulant brand that made its debut at this year's British Potato impressed show visitors with the results of three recent field trials. The trials, which were conducted this year, supported Algifol's claims that it helps crops cope with stress and extreme weather and increases and improves potato yields.

A field trial on Melody undertaken in Cheshire by 3 Shires Ltd found that three one-litre applications of Algifol throughout the season produced a 29.6% increase in the number of tubers. In the sweet spot for packing potatoes of 40-64mm, there were 27.3% more tubers. The tubers treated with Algifol were also 22% heavier than those grown under standard farm practice.

A second trial on Accord by 3 Shires Ltd showed that Algifol increased the uniformity of the crop and produced an 18% increase in weight compared to standard farm practice. The third trial was undertaken on Accord and Lady Rosetta by Whole Crop Marketing at South Cave farm near Hull. Two test fields were utilised, with Algifol increasing tuber numbers by 13% and 7% compared to standard farm practices. Marcus Palmer, director of MJP Supplies, Algifol's UK distributor:
"All three trials were undertaken in very challenging growing conditions, which is a real positive for Algifol as it makes the results even more impressive."

"Algifol is growing in popularity, and our sales have increased every year since I first started marketing Algifol to UK growers back in 2005. Whilst it is anecdotal feedback, every farmer who has used Algifol this year has said they're really pleased with how it has helped their crop, and we're receiving lots of repeat orders, which is fantastic."
One grower who has been exceptionally pleased with the results Algifol has delivered this year is Andrew Megginson of J K B Megginson & Sons Ltd in Driffield. Andrew Megginson:
"We've had a really good result with Algifol this year. The canopy stayed lovely and green throughout the season despite some very challenging weather, which I'm sure was causing stress to potatoes not treated with Algifol."

"The yield was up, and we were delighted with the uniformity of size and the overall quality of the crop when it was lifted. We will be using Algifol again for sure!."
Produced by Neomed Pharma GmbH in Germany, Algifol is a concentrated brown algae gathered from the North Atlantic, dried and refined to maximise its wealth of trace elements, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, polyuronides and growth-regulating plant hormones.

As well as increasing yields, Algifol can help lower the carbon footprint of the crop by improving fertiliser uptake through better rooting and improved photosynthesis, which reduces leaching and losses to the atmosphere.

Applied by knapsack, trailed or mounted sprayers or planes, Algifol is used worldwide on various crops, including bananas, grapes, tea, peas and cereals. In the UK, the majority of Marcus' customers are growing potatoes, oilseed rape and sugar beet, with the manufacturer NeoMed-Pharma recommending four applications of one litre of Algifol diluted at a ratio of up to 1:1,000.
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