Vultus: Cultivating the Future of Potato Farming with Precision and Innovation

Vultus Potato Suite

Vultus Potato Suite

oktober 09, 2023

In a transformative leap for precision farming, Vultus, a publicly traded company on the Swedish marketplace Spotlight Stock Market, spearheads an agricultural revolution with its pioneering Analysis as a Service (AaaS). Their technology is poised to redefine modern farming, empowering farmers to maximize productivity, enhance crop quality, and reduce their environmental impact while boosting their profitability. Farmers have also started accepting their technology across various parts of the globe.

Their unique algorithms are at the core of Vultus's groundbreaking approach, honed through extensive field trials conducted year-round. Their team is known for rolling up their sleeves, extracting insights from leaves, and meticulously documenting field progress throughout the season.

In other cases, they do this together with partners and customers. Sometimes, they enter agreements with partners who have several years of field data that they can use to build their algorithms.

Non-science speaking, their algorithm translates a satellite image into what is happening in the field with your crop right now!

Farmers receive images advising them on crucial decisions, such as whether to irrigate immediately or delay, considering imminent weather forecasts. The farmer receives an image from their system that tells him if it’s urgent to irrigate today or if he can wait two more days as the weather forecast says heavy rain is expected in the coming 48 hours.

Another of Vultus's algorithms is designed to provide users with precise data on Dry Matter and Protein levels in forage grass fields.This data allows farmers to tailor their animal feed, saving costs on additives while ensuring optimal nutrition.

The Potato Suite includes:

  • Water Stress - Water stress analysis helps farmers determine the optimum time to water their crops
  • Soil Moisture - Soil moisture analysis provides clear maps of farmers’ fields that indicate soil moisture status, using an intuitive scale of red (dry) to blue (saturated with water).
  • Fertilization - Fertilization maps help farmers determine the optimal fertilizer for their crops.
  • Soil Organic Carbon - Soil Organic Carbon analysis provides farmers with valuable insights into the health of their soil.
  • Plant Health - Plant Health monitoring system helps farmers detect anomalies and variabilities in their crops weeks before visual detection.
  • Starch Content (%) - Starch Content analysis provides farmers with accurate estimates of starch levels in their potato crops.
  • Yield Prediction (kg/ha) - Yield Prediction analysis provides farmers with accurate estimates of their crop yields.

And the exciting part is what use the farmer can have of all this intel:
  • Sell and get paid for the crop long before harvest, as farmers will know long before harvest (at the peak growth of canape) how many tons per hectare and what percentage of starch farmers will get when they harvest.
  • Fertilize where and when needed since they will know the inner field differences at any point of time during the growth season.
  • Irrigate where and when needed.
  • Get an instant overview of inner field differences for all services.
  • Get the historical view of actions like digging ditches, soil improvement and crop rotation. They have access to images of your fields for at least the past six years to give you a great insight into the effect of your actions.

Vultus's Analysis as a Service (AaaS) platform is a game-changer in the agricultural and forestry sectors, offering invaluable tools to enhance sustainability and profitability. As the global demand for sustainable agriculture practices continues to rise, Vultus is poised to play a pivotal role in the industry's transformation. Farmers, armed with this powerful tool, are well-equipped to address the challenges of modern agriculture, from climate change mitigation to economic growth.
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