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  • Potato chip manufacturer Mikesell’s will close after producing snacks for 112 years
Dayton snack company Mikesell’s announces closure after more than 100 years

Dayton snack company Mikesell’s announces closure after more than 100 years

februari 05, 2023
Mikesell’s, the beloved snack food company based in Dayton, Ohio, has announced it will be closing after more than 100 years in business. In a statement, Luke Mapp, President of Mikesell’s, thanked the community, consumers, and partners for their support over the past 112 years.

Luke Mapp:
"Our family will long remember the fan love, the friendships, and the wins along the way the most."
Also in the statement, the company revealed that its manufacturing, distribution, and administrative operations will shut down, along with a liquidation of its assets.

However, the communication suggested that the company is working to keep the brand’s products on store shelves by transitioning "all Mikesell’s brand and IP rights to another quality snack food manufacturer, as soon as possible."

Luke Mapp:
"Although the terms have not yet been finalized, we understand the desire to keep products available, and are working to facilitate the necessary conversations for approvals that will allow for an uninterrupted supply of Mikesell’s products."
The news of Mikesell’s closure has been met with sadness and disappointment. Many have taken to social media to express their memories of Mikesell’s products and to share their love for the company.

Some of experesses:No more Mikesells? Their chips were massively superior to Lays and all the big brands. The oldest (and best) chip company in the US is closing.

According to its website, Mikesell’s was founded in 1910 by Daniel W. Mikesell. The company’s product line includes potato chips and other snack foods. Distributing items to Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois, Mikesell’s became a regional favorite in the Midwest.
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