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Mikesell's Snack Food Company

Mikesell's is a privately held manufacturer and distributor of snack foods ranging from potato chips and pretzels, to corn products, pork rinds and dips. They're headquartered in Dayton, Ohio — distributing their snacks to Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois.

The story of the Mikesell's Potato Chip Company began in 1910. D.W. Mikesell and his wife operated a business selling dried beef and sausages from two rooms on South Williams Street in Dayton, Ohio. Then came the opportunity to buy some potato chip equipment and the Mikesell's Potato Chip Company was born.

In 1925 the Mikesell Company saw a need for a unique logo. It was decided that a "play on words" using the Mikesell name should be used, a hyphen was added making the trademarked Mike-sell's name. The hyphen remained for over 85 years, until it was removed in 2010.

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Mike Sells Potato chip company
  • 333 Leo Street P.O. Box 115
    Dayton, OH 45404-0115
    United States