Potato planting in Castilla y Leon reaches its final stretch and it's possible yields fall

Early new potato harvest
Early potato harvest
mei 10, 2023
The sowing campaign, which started on February 20 with the planting of the short-cycle varieties, has reached its final stretch in the later areas of Leon, Burgos, and Segovia.

These varieties especially aimed at the bagging sector, with some plantings concentrated in Valladolid and part of Zamora, have been an option that has attracted many producers because of their lower demand for water and treatments, stated Yolanda Medina, president of the Potato Interbranch organization.

Yolanda Medina, president of the Potato Interbranch organization:
"It's difficult to make forecasts at this time because we still don't know how the yields per hectare will be, how the campaigns of Andalusia and Castilla-La Mancha will develop, or if exports will be delayed for a while."
Moreover, this year's high temperatures are leading the plant to struggle to survive and to relegate the accumulation of reserves in the tubers, so it would seem evident that the yields may be lower.

Another factor that must be taken into account, Yolanda stated, is that the plants started to be irrigated at the beginning of April, which consumes energy and water, a resource that could be scarce later on, shortening the crop's cycle.