AURA Oil Recovery and CentreQ Measurement System by FoodeQ Transforming French Fry Production

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oktober 30, 2023
AURA® oil recovery systems and CentreQ® unit measurement and control systems are the innovations by FoodeQ that are gaining rapid adoption, revolutionizing the industry and contributing to healthier, cost-effective, and more efficient French fry production.

AURA® Oil Recovery Systems: A Healthier and Efficient Choice

The AURA® oil recovery system, More and more French fry manufacturers are incorporating AURA® into their production lines; it’s cost-effective as it requires less frying oil and the end product is less fatty, making it healthier.

The AURA® is an extremely effective system for the recovery of frying oil, specifically designed for the production of fried potato products.

With a powerful airflow, adhering oil is removed from the fried product and separated from the airflow. The recovered oil is collected and pumped back into the baking oven for reuse.
FoodeQ Processing Aura oil recovery system

FoodeQ Processing Aura oil recovery system

CentreQ®: A Market Hit in Vibratory Equipment Control

CentreQ® is rapidly conquering the market and has recently been extensively deployed at a major French fry producer in Kruiningen.

CentreQ® is the unique measurement and control system – developed by FoodeQ – for vibratory equipment with unbalanced motors. Jaco van der Jagt:
"When we introduced CentreQ®, now 3 years ago, we couldn’t yet support our predictions with experience-based data.."

"Meanwhile, the monitoring system has more than proven itself in practice. More and more clients, including some major players in the market, have embraced CentreQ®."
(Click picture to watch video)FoodeQ: CentreQ NL subs

FoodeQ: CentreQ NL subs

A recent milestone for CentreQ® was the delivery of 21 new vibratory conveyors to a large French fry producer in Zeeland.

Equipped with CentreQ®, this project was executed in a challenging brownfield environment with a complex network of pipelines.

The thorough preparation paid off, ensuring a smooth execution and minimal disruptions. CentreQ® excelled in monitoring and adjusting the behavior of vibratory equipment, seeking the ideal natural vibration frequency to optimize performance and prevent damage and downtime.

The work of FoodeQ Engineering and FoodeQ Processing is often intertwined because everything we do seamlessly complements each other.

Lately, they completed several significant projects where FoodeQ Processing took the lead. Hybrid cooling and freezing tunnels - capable of cooling up to 15,000 kilograms of fries per hour (or freezing 10,000 kilograms) - for customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, and India.