Interagro de patatas SL

Interagro de patatas SL is a company dedicated to the production and marketing of potatoes. Potato of the best quality, produced in Spain by their farmers and placed on the market during the 12 months of the year.

International Food and Consumable Goods - Egypt (IFCG)

International Food & Consumable Goods (IFCG), a proud member of the IFS Group, operates in Egypt's CPC Industrial Zone. Renowned for its modern sweet potato factory, IFCG excels in producing top-quality sweet potato varieties, earning its reputation as a leading export company in the region and globally.

Isle of Ely Produce Ltd.

Isle of Ely Produce is one of the UK's major potato suppliers with a trading office based in Silsoe, Bedfordshire, and a potato farming enterprise in Ely, Cambridgeshire.

JA Low & Sons

JA Low &Son Farm is producing potatoes and onions for the packing sector of the markets.

Jaffer Agro Services

Jaffer Agro Services (Private) Limited, a Jaffer Group Company, provides complete agricultural solutions through products and farm advisory services, offering expert guidance for excellent yields.

James Foskett Farms

James Foskett Farms was formed in 2005 out of the partnership of H&J Foskett. Potatoes are the most important crop to the business which include seed and ware potatoes.


At Jansen-Dongen, quality and transparency is a common thread throughout their supply chain. Their service and working method is characterized by sustainability, development and reliability.

Jersey Royal Company

The Jersey Royal Company is a fully integrated produce company growing, grading, washing and packing Jersey Royal New Potatoes for UK retailers.

Johann Koch eK

The company Johann Koch eK is managed by Robert Koch in the fourth generation. The focus of the Neuburg-based company is the processing and packaging, import and export as well as the wholesale of potatoes, onions and dates from all over the world.


JPB is a global leader in the supply of food and food products. They have specialists for fresh, frozen, commodities and consumer Goods. They export high-quality products from preferred suppliers from all corners of the world and designed their own quality control mechanism.

K K Orchard

K. K. Orchard is a global supplier of quality sweet potato varieties. The company utilizes helthy seedlings and green agriculture techniques to plant their sweet potatoes and supplies the best ones to the consumers.

Karunia Agro Karo

Karunia Agro Karo is a company based in North Sumatra, Indonesia. The company offers fresh vegetables including potatoes.

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Khazaee Corporation

Khazaee Corporation is an Iranian Agricultural, Livestock, and Cold Storage Supplier. They have specialised cold storage for potato tuber.

Kreglinger Europe N.V.

Kreglinger Europe is one of the rare independent specialists in the European ingredients business and also plays a major role in potato crop protection.

Kruizinga Fresh Produce

Kruizinga Fresh Produce purchase the potatoes ourselves and process them into a ready-to-cook product. They do this in their own potato peeler, where they process the potatoes fresh every day.

La Patate Lac-Saint-Jean

The mission of Patate Lac-Saint-Jean, a cooperative of 5 member farms in Quebec Canada, is to research and develop potato cultivars to market quality seed potatoes to its customers.

La Rebelle

La Rebelle a été créée en 2011 par Eric DELIMBEUF, elle regroupe dix producteurs répartis sur toute l'île, principalement localisés sur le canton nord, une terre propice à la culture par son microclimat.

Lal Teer Seed Limited

Lal Teer Seed Ltd. is the largest producer of seeds in the private sector in Bangladesh. It is a research-based company which develops and produces high yielding, both hybrid and open pollinated seeds


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