FertiGlobal International

Founded in Italy in 2003, FertiGlobal is a business unit of Larderello Group, one of the most prestigious players in the international chemical industry with 200 years of history and knowledge.

Hydro Spa

Hydro SpA company is specialized in the production of technical products, protein hydrolysates, biostimulants and fertilizers for modern agriculture, both conventional and organic, in liquid and solid form.

HZPC Italia

HZPC Italia is a location of HZPC Holland BV


Imac is reliability and quality. For over 40 years, Imac has been designing and manufacturing its own Machines for Potatoes and Machines for Onions in Italy.

La Patata Dal Cuore Veneto

La Patata Dal Cuore Veneto is a certified potato supplier located in Italy/

Pizzoli S.p.A.

Pizzoli S.p.A. is the leading Italian Company in the national Potato Industry, with a turnover of 159 €Mio in 2023 growing by 25% compared to the previous year.

Pizzoli San Pietro

Pizzoli San Pietro is a production facility for frozen french fries in San Pietro, Casale, Italy. This production plant is equipped with the most advanced technologies.


Ro.gr.an.Srl is specialized in the delivery of fruit and vegetables, produced by them, from local farms and from all over Italy. With over 20 years of experience they can proudly say that they are a trusted best supplier for more than 1000 companies.


Valagro is a leading company in the production and marketing of bio-stimulants and fertilizers, with 13 subsidiaries located throughout the world..


xFarm Technologies is a tech company focused on the digitisation of the agri-food sector, providing innovative tools that can support farmers and stakeholders in the management of their businesses.

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