Photovolt Instruments

Photovolt Instruments offers high-quality moisture and reflectance solutions. The company supports different companies in achieving consistent and accurate product measurements.

Ag Leader Technology

Ag Leader offers a complete package of precision farming tools that connect the entire operation from planting to harvest and from the office to the field.


AGNEMA, the commercial plant clinic laboratory, provides optimized testing packages to examine nematodes and pathogens in soil and plant samples.

Agri-Cal USA

Agri-Cal USA is working in field of Fertilizer Alternative & Vegetable Stimulator.

Agri-Inject, Inc

Agri-Inject has been a pioneer in fluid injection technology. They are specialized in Applying fertilizer and crop protection products through irrigation systems.

Climate FieldView

Climate FieldView, a subsidiary of Bayer, was founded as WeatherBill in 2006 by two former Google employees, David Friedberg and Siraj Khaliq.

Eastman Chemical Company

Eastman Crop Protection offers a varied portfolio of ready-to-use products in specific niche markets within the global fruit & vegetable segment as well as the cereal segment: fungicides, growth regulators and stimulators, seed treatment products and soil fumigants.
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GroPro is an international Bio-Fertilizer, Bio-Stimulant, and Bio-Pesticide manufacturer with a headquarter in Burnsville, MN. The companyis working in the USA, the Middle East, Africa, the EU, and Central America.

Hammer-Lok Steel Buildings

Hammer-Lok is the ag-specialized division of Hammers Construction, a full-service construction company based in Perham, MN. Their company has been serving clients in agriculture since its inception in 1956.

Heliae Development

Heliae Agriculture, specializes in microalgal technology, soil, and crop science.

Highland Fresh Technologies, LLC

Highland Fresh Technologies LLC is located in Florida, United States. The company provides post-harvest cleaning products, which include products for washing, cleaning, and residential odor elimination etc.


The company conducts humic mining operations in Idaho and New Mexico, allowing access to top quality raw humic. Their products are carefully crafted to align with safe environmental guidelines and regenerative agricultural practices while cutting down on cost and dependency on toxic synthetic substances.

Kwik Lok Corporation

Kwik Lok is the originator of the first bag closure. It is Founded in Yakima, Washington. They offer sustainable bag closures, bag closing equipment, labels, and printing solutions for just about all bagged packages.
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Lifeasible is a biotechnology company, specialized in agricultural science. Lifeasible offers a wide variety of agro-related services and products for environmental and energy solutions.

Ohalo Genetics

Ohalo Genetics is a research service company for accelerate genetic gain toward crop improvements that sustainably support the world’s growing population.

Photovolt Instruments

Photovolt Instruments offers high-quality moisture and reflectance solutions. The company supports different companies in achieving consistent and accurate product measurements.

Potato Country

Potato Country magazine is a potato Industry news magazine in united states. They cover the news of potatoes from sowing to entire production process worldwide, including market research.

Potato Grower Magazine

Since 1972, Potato Grower Magazine has delivered the most relevant, industry-specific content to the potato industry. Their content is relevant to all, whether you are a grower, a processor, an equipment manufacturer, a fertilizer salesman in potato industry.

Senninger Irrigation, Inc

Senninger is a leading agricultural irrigation company, having operated for over 60 years in more than eighty nations. They are committed to helping farmers solve their irrigation sprinkler concerns by providing more efficient water application products for their irrigated crops.


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