Newtec is a leading manufacturer of weighing, packing, and sorting machinery primarily for the fruit and vegetable industry.

BJ Agro

BJ-Agro provides advice that makes a difference. Their strengths include a thorough knowledge of their customers, combined with a great deal of flexibility. At BJ-Agro, there is no time registration or tight office hours.


Cimbria is one of the world’s leading companies within industrial processing, handling and storage of grain and seed, as well as animal feed, foodstuffs and other bulk products. Their range of equipments includes TURNKEY, CONVEYING, DRYING, SEED PROCESSING, ELECTRONIC SORTING,STORAGE Solutions etc.

Danespo A/S

DANESPO A/S is the leading company in the field of breeding and producing quality seed and ware potatoes in Northern Europe.

Egatec A/S

Egatec A/S offers a full program of automatic packaging machines, and complete Turnkey Packaging Solutions, for a wide array of functions and products.

FLEX Fertilizer System

FLEX Fertilizer System is a nutrient management system comprising three series of liquid fertiliser: FLEX Basis for root uptake, FLEX Foliar for leaf uptake, and FLEX Micro for micronutrients.

Jeros A/S

Jeros A/S - An international company with more than 55 years' experience in the development, production and sales of tray cleaners, utensil washers, and crate washers for retail and the food industry.
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Marel Aarhus, Denmark

Marel's office located in Aarhus, Denmark

Marel Kastrup

Marel's office located in Kastrup, Denmark

Marel Roskilde, Denmark

Marel's office located in Roskilde, Denmark

Marel Stovring, Denmark

Marel's office located in Støvring, Denmark


NanoNord, the world leader in low-field industrial Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technology. The companys Tveskaeg NMR analyzer empowers businesses with accurate, reliable, and sustainable measurement solutions, catering to a wide range of applications and industries.


Newtec is a leading manufacturer of weighing, packing, and sorting machinery primarily for the fruit and vegetable industry.
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Oterra are the largest provider of natural food colors worldwide. Since their first food color launch in 1876, they’ve continued to offer the power of nature’s true colors to the food and beverage industry.


SAGRO is a vibrant, dynamic and market-oriented consulting firm based in Denmark.

Scanstore A/S

ScanStore A/S has over 25 years of experience focusing on fruit and vegetable equipment and providing turnkey solutions. At the same time, they focus on automation and mechanized packing.


A combination of know-how and innovation. Schur was founded in 1846, and they are a full-line supplier within packaging. Their expertise covers carton packaging, flexible packaging, packaging design, packaging machines, marking, and labels.

Storohage Kartofler A/S

Storohage Kartofler is a supplier of potatoes and other vegetables, located in Denmark.


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