Alle Bedrijven aktief in de aardappelindustrie in New York

Actylis (Aceto Agricultural Chemicals Corporation)

Actylis (Aceto) offers a broad portfolio of products such as sprout inhibitors, crop protection to the potato industry.

AgPak Inc.

Ag-Pak, Inc. is a manufacturer and systems integrator of produce packaging systems and equipment. They manufacture Their own line of packaging and conveying equipment.

Alexia Foods

Alexia offers a line of all-natural, trans fat free frozen products developed for the natural and specialty food consumer with a sophisticated palate.


BetterFRY is a food technology innovation for food processors based out of Plattsburgh, New York.

Catalina Crunch

Catalina Crunch is a private company that has been in the industry for 4 years. The company currently specializes in the Food & Beverages area.

Emerling Foods

Since 1988, Emerling Foods has been a continuously evolving bulk ingredient supplier. The company specializes in distributing juice concentrates, IQF Fruit and Vegetables, Fruit and Vegetable Purée,Fruit and Vegetable Juice,Potato Flakes, Sweet Potato Flakes, Sweet Potato – IQF,Bulk Herbs,Bulk Spices,Beans,Grains,Oils, Nuts, Flours, and more.
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Endico Potatoes

Endico Potatoes is the industry leader in frozen potato, vegetable, chicken and appetizer products. They are proud to be the area's redistributor for Lamb-Weston, McCain, Tyson, Sally Sherman and many others.

Farmer Jon’s Popcorn

Farmer Jon's Popcorn offers popcorns that deliver the melt-in-your-mouth flavour you love

G.J. Olney Company

For over a century, G.J. Olney, Inc. has been a leader in the manufacturing and design of standard and custom equipment for the food industry. They manufacture a range of flotation and destoning washers, green bean equipment

Hal’s New York

Hal’s New York is producer if chips and snacks. The company represents the right amount of flavor for New Yorker's distinct culture. Hal’s New York Kettle Chips launches with 9 flavors.


Lifeasible is a biotechnology company, specialized in agricultural science. Lifeasible offers a wide variety of agro-related services and products for environmental and energy solutions.

M.A.T Harvesting

MAT-Harvesting LLC, a representative of innovative farming equipment manufacturers, specializes in Mechanical Agriculture Technology. Their product range spans Cooling Systems, Dirt Eliminating & Washing devices, Filling & Tipping solutions, Grading & Sizing machinery, Handling equipment, Harvesting Conveyors, Harvesting Equipment, Soil Preparation tools, Processing Lines, and Specific Products such as Storage Boxes/Bins.
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Munch King Snacks

The Munch King has been known for quality and value around the world since 1978. In 2018, they re-launched the brand with a new line of snacks including classic varieties such as cheese balls, gourmet popcorn, and peanut butter filled pretzels.


PepsiCo is one of the world's leading food and beverage companies with over USD 67 billion in net revenue in 2019 and a global portfolio of brands, including several savory snack brands.

Popinsanity Popcorn

Popinsanity® is a popcorn that boasts indulgence in every bite. Their ever-expanding flavor profile means that whether you’re looking for a snack, a gift, or a delicacy, popcorn is the answer.

Reserve Snacks Inc.

Reserve Snacks is the first ever popped snack manufacturer who not only will make sure you get your snacks made to spec, but they are an in house manufacturer of equipment for the popped snack market.

Row 7 Seed Company

Row 7 is an organic food company built to reimagine food from seed to table. Working in collaboration with chefs, farmers and plant breeders.

Schare & Associates, INC

Schare & Associates, Inc. is a food trading company established in NewYork in 1997. For over 20 years, this company has been providing clients with bulk ingredients like frozen fruits, juice concentrates, purees, dried fruits and nuts, frozen vegetables, and retail and food service items.


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