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The Crop Smith Ltd.

The Crop Smith Ltd. is a supplying UK farmers with a range of biostimulants for crop & soil health.

3 Shires

3 Shires is a potato trading company in the United Kingdom


Agricar is an agricultural and machinery supplier based in Scotland UK. The company Agricar was formed in the year 1986. The company offers range of equipment for potato farming and other agriculture purpouse.


As a leading provider of agronomy services, technology and strategic advice, Agrii combines excellence and innovation with the latest research and development

B-hive Innovations Ltd

B-hive Innovations Ltd is an agri-tech R&D company based in Lincoln. Their multidiscipline team of software developers, hardware engineers, scientists and project management professionals are working to bring new, innovative solutions


Biofresh is a market-leader in ethical food storage and sanitisation.

Caledonia Potatoes

Caledonia Potatoes is a substantial breeder and producer of seed and ware potatoes based in and around Perthshire, Scotland.
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Certis Belchim B.V. UK

Certis Belchim UK is the result of a strategic merger between Certis UK and Belchim Crop Protection, forming a robust entity in the field of crop protection.Known for its market-leading range of biological products, Certis Belchim UK stands at the forefront of the industry.

Chipeez potatoes

They are 3rd generation farmers based in Horsford Norwich, farming since the 1950s. Originally selling unwashed potatoes in 25kg bags going out to fish and chip shops all over Norfolk and parts of Suffolk.

East Suffolk Produce Ltd

Formed in 2013, East Suffolk Produce was set up to assist its members to market their potatoes more effectively to a wider segment of the potato market than they were previously achieving.


Envirolizer company aligns seamlessly with the stringent criteria for inclusion in the Organic Input List for both Demeter International and the EU Input List.Specializing in soil fertility enhancement, Envirolizer provides a range of products including vermicompost, AgProbiotics, AgHumus, and fertilizers.


Envirolizer supports and promote sustainable & natural farming, producing more yield, bigger and more nutritious better-tasting crops! They process and produce 100% natural mineral foliar fertilizer without chemical intervention that is harmful to our planet.


Eutrema offer farmers access to unique crop nutrition products. Eutrema primary manufacturers of fertilisers, biostimulants, and biopesticides.
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Fylde Fresh & Fabulous

Established in 2005, Fylde Fresh and Fabulous has fast become one of the UK’s leading peeled potato and chip suppliers thanks to our expertise in the field.

GB Potatoes

GB Potatoes is a shared passion for safeguarding the future of the British Potato Industry in the absence of AHDB.

Higgins Group

Higgins Group one of the most successful and respected independent potato supply organisations in Europe.

Home Farm (Nacton) Ltd

Home Farm produces organic vegetables including potatoes, carrots, sugar beet and cereals in Suffolk.


HZPC UK is the UK subsidiary of a Dutch company, specializing in the development and marketing of potato varieties that meet economic, societal, and environmental expectations.

International Pheromone Systems Ltd

International Pheromone Systems Ltd provides a nature based approach and specialist knowledge for natural and safe solutions to monitor and manage pests in agricultural and domestic environments.


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