Alle Bedrijven aktief in de aardappelindustrie in China



SINOBAKE has designed, developed, and manufactured a wide range of high-quality baking equipment since 1994 in China. Including the Potato Chips Line, the Biscuit and Cookie Line, the Cake Line, the Dry Pet Food Production Line, the Automatic Raw Material Feeding and Dosing System, ovens, and mixing machines.

Alpha-Pack Enterprise Limited

Alpha-Pack Enterprise Limited is the manufacturer of packaging machinery in China.

Angel yeast

Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. is a high-tech listed company specialized in yeast biotech product business. It is the leading company in the yeast industry in China and the third-largest yeast manufacturer in the world.

Anhui UUPAC Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Anhui UUPAC Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 and is located at Anhui Province. As a national high-tech firm, UUPAC specializes in the research and development of intelligent weighing, packing, testing, and conveying systems.

CN (Star) Agricultural Machinery

Star is the largest and most professional potato agricultural machinery equipment manufacturer in China. They have the largest potato planting farm in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China.

Fuma Food Machinery Co., Ltd

Fuma food machinery has been engaged in the development and production of primary processing and deep processing equipment for fruits, vegetables, agricultural products, meat and aquatic products.

Haofood Shanghai Food Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai based company Haofood, established in 2020, is currently selling and distributing plant-based products in China across approximately 4000 stores.
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Hebei QW Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd.

Hebei QW Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and integrator of automation equipments in China. The focus on secondary packaging system, intelligent conveying system, robot applications, visual system, ASRS and other related logistic equipments.

Henan Ruzhou Ideal Starch

Henan Ruzhou Ideal Starch is a chinease company offers agricultural products processing enterprise engaged in the production of potato starch.

Heno Packaging Industries Limited

HENO PACKAGING INDUSTRIES LIMITED is a professional packing machine system manufacturer from China . They are specialized in manufacturing case erector , case packer,sealing machine, stretch wrapping machine, pallet strapping machine ,palletizer robot system, pallet handing solutions, the end of packing line system.

Hong's Belt

Hong's Belt, a state-level high-tech enterprise, is focused on intelligent modular conveying system technology and committed to digital intelligent manufacturing equipment. It has intelligent conveying system industrial manufacturing base.

Hua Li Bao Packaging Co. Ltd

Hualibao Packaging is specializing in manufacturing of Roll Film, Stand-Up Pouch, Side Gusset Pouch, Flat-Bottom Pouch, Spouted Pouch, Zipper Pouch, brand of fresh and frozen food, beverage, snacks, household, personal care, and pet care products.

Huazhong Agricultural University (HZAU)

Huazhong Agricultural University is a public university in Wuhan, giving priority to agriculture, characterized by life sciences and supplemented by the combination of agriculture
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HZPC Agricultural Techn. Consultancy Co.Ltd (China)

HZPC location in China


Iconvey is a leader in intelligent modular conveyor technology, esperially in material handling,logistics and automation field. The headquarters in Shenzhen, China.

Intralox Shanghai Ltd.

Intralox location in Shanghai, China

Jinan Arrow Machinery Co.,Ltd

Jian Arrow Machinery Co., Ltd. is a domestic food machinery manufacturer established in 2006.

Jinan Saibainuo

Saibainuo has almost thirty years’ experiences of working with their customers providing specialist designs and practical solutions for a wide range of process needs.

K K Orchard

K. K. Orchard is a global supplier of quality sweet potato varieties. The company utilizes helthy seedlings and green agriculture techniques to plant their sweet potatoes and supplies the best ones to the consumers.


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