Brenntag is the global market leader in chemicals and ingredients distribution. The Germany based international company manages complex supply chains for both chemical manufacturers and consumers by simplifying market access to thousands of products and services.


“EXGSP GmBH”, is a manufacturer of packaged refined deodorized, frostbitten edible oil. The plant’s products comply with the requirements of the State Standard and satisfy all the requirements of GOST 4492: 2005 “Sunflower-seed oil.

Green Harvest GmbH

Green Harvest GmbH was established in Germany in 2019 as a collaboration with Nobar Sabz Industries with the goal of directly distributing Nobar Sabz products across the germany.

Maxfry GmbH

Maxfry GmbH is the family-owned and managed company has focused on improving the technical properties of vegetable oils and fats. Maxfry® specializes in the thermal and oxidative stabilization of oils and fats in the food industry.


Nutriac is a Food Science and Technology company. They have experts in dedicated to the development and testing of innovative Shelf Life Extension solutions for the Fresh Produce and Food Industries worldwide.

Schill + Seilacher Struktol GmbH

Schill + Seilacher Struktol GmbH manufactures chemicals. The Company offers products such as rubber additives, antiforms, latex additives, release agents, epoxy resins, silicones, etc.
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