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Gillenkirch plant for unwashed and washed potatoes

In 2014 we collaborated in developing a marketing concept in two expansion stages for the client „Valensija“.

The first expansion stage enabled the receiving, soil extraction, sorting, washing, polishing, storing, weighing and packaging of potatoes, onions and beetroot. The second expansion stage is planned to include the processing of carrots.

The concept consists of 2 main areas and allows the client to process washed and unwashed goods. In order to meet today‘s quality requirements of Russian supermarkets, a high-performance drum washer containing a stone remover, a Wyma polishing machine and a dryer was integrated into the preparation process and the entire washing area was connected to a mechanical primary water sedimentation. In November 2014 we delivered all plant components to the client on schedule.

Please visit our Website and watch a Video of the plant: