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tna Oil & flavour spray system intelli-flav® CLO 3

tna intelli-flav® CLO 3 oil and flavour are spray systems for the application of oil and injected flavour, or just oil, requiring no mixing tanks and leaving minimal flavour residue.

Suited to tumble drum applications with varying product throughput.

Can be integrated as part of the tna intelli-flav® MLS or OMS systems, or part of your current production setup.

Standard features
  • Mass control of liquid application
  • Continuous spray
  • FQT spray gun set of air atomising and airless nozzles to meet any required range from 6kg/hr to 250 kg/hr (13lbs/hr to 550lbs/hr)
  • Range of model systems (upgradable to meet production needs)

Optional features
  • Tip temperature control
  • Air purification
  • tna intelli-flav® LIS 3 liquid flavour injection system
  • 250mm and 300mm (10″ to 12″) floor clearance or 127mm (5″) Castors

  • baked snacks
  • cereals
  • confectionery
  • finishing equipment
  • frozen
  • nuts
  • snacks
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All above specifications are subject to change and may differ according to product, please confirm when placing your order.