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McCain Foods 2022 Sustainability Report

Potato Processor McCain Foods releases 2022 Sustainability Report

januari 26, 2023
McCain Foods Limited (McCain) released its Sustainability Report for 2022, underpinning its commitment to producing delicious, planet-friendly food
Potatoes USA Pulse

Diners will pay more for meals that include potatoes

januari 26, 2023
A recent study of 1,500 patrons (consumers who eat out at restaurants) identified habits and opinions of restaurant patrons related to potatoes.
Lamb Weston Reports Fiscal Second Quarter 2023 Results; Updates Fiscal Year 2023 Outlook

Potato processor Lamb Weston recently reported F2023 Q2 Results

januari 13, 2023
Lamb Weston Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: LW) announced today its fiscal second quarter 2023 results and updated its fiscal 2023 outlook.
Pulsemaster welcomes Ben Lemieux to expand PEF utilization in the Americas

Pulsemaster welcomes Ben Lemieux to expand PEF utilization in the Americas

januari 11, 2023
Pulsemaster welcomes Key Account Manager Ben Lemieux to the team to cover the Americas Region. Based in New Brunswick, Canada, Ben Lemieux joins Pulsemaster with 28 years of food processing experience.
U.S. Potato Exports

United States potato export value increases as demand rebounds

december 17, 2022
Across the globe, restaurants are back to operating at normal capacity, borders are opening for tourism, and many consumers are looking for high-quality, nutritious food options, all leading to strong demand for US potatoes.
What Do Consumers Really Think About Restaurant Sustainability?

What Do Consumers Really Think About Restaurant Sustainability?

december 14, 2022
In a recent newsletter, Simplot addresses Restaurant Sustainability. Datassential reports that restaurants are moving swiftly to adopt more sustainable business practices. But do their customers even care?

Potatoes Can Be Part of a Healthy Diet

december 05, 2022
When we think of healthy vegetables, we don't think of potatoes, but we should. Potatoes have developed a reputation for causing weight gain and an increased risk for type 2 diabetes, but new research suggests they do not.
Retail Sales from July 1, 2018 - September 30, 2022 (USD)

US Retail Sales Soared for Potatoes July-September 2022

december 03, 2022
US Potato retail sales increased in dollar sales by 17.8% but decreased in volume sales by 2.1% from July - September 2022 compared to the same timeframe a year ago. Despite a small decrease in volume sales.
Foodservice Operators

Foodservice Operators Turn to Frozen Foods to Meet their Business Needs

november 12, 2022
New research finds that more than 90% of foodservice operators use frozen foods in their menus, with the healthcare, convenience store and fast casual categories reporting the greatest increase in use since 2019.
McCain Foods Canada and fcc support potato farmers applying regenerative agriculture

McCain Foods and Farm Credit Canada support potato farmers financially to boost regenerative agriculture

november 02, 2022
Potato Processor McCain Foods (Canada) teams up with agricultural lender Farm Credit Canada (fcc) to support potato farmers financially when they investment in regenerative agriculture.


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