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Agricultural production (potato) in Angola's coastal Cuanza Sul province

Cuanza Sul - Condé region in Angola to Increase Potato Production

August 24, 2016
The administrative authorities of the Condé municipality, in the coastal Cuanza Sul province, are working to acquire potato seeds in order to increase the potato production in the region.
Dutch company to support commercial Angola potato production

Dutch company to support commercial Angola potato production

February 25, 2016
An unidentified agricultural company from the Netherlands will support farmers in large scale potato production in the irrigated area of ​​Matala, in Angola’s Huila province.

Matala's farmers expected to produce over 10,000 tons of potatoes

July 17, 2009
In Angola, at least 10,000 tons of potato are expected to be produced within Matala irrigated perimeter by local farmers, as a result of the first season of the process of diversification of crops being carried out by the Local Development Socicety (SO...

Angola development Bank Credits boost Angola potato production

October 17, 2008
Angola Development Bank (BDA) project of credit for peasants in the country will rise the production of potato in the district of Chinguar, 75 kilometres southwest of Kuito city, central Bie province.Speaking to Angop on Friday, Alfeo Vinevala, one of ...