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Potato farmers in Rwanda who are counting losses due to late blight disease welcome the plan to use agricultural biotechnology in developing a resistant crop variety. (Courtesy: Sam Ngendahimana).

Potato farmers in Rwanda upbeat about new variety

July 26, 2022
Potato farmers have welcomed the government’s on-going trials on the use of agricultural biotechnology in producing a new Irish potato variety resistant to the devastating late blight disease.
A mini shop for potatoes in Kigali, Rwanda

Middlemen plunge Rwanda potato farmers into losses

November 16, 2021
Potato farmers in Rwanda are counting their losses, claiming that they are selling their produce at 'giveaway' prices, despite the cost remaining high on the market.
An example of a tricot potato trial in Gicumbi, Rwanda. (Courtesy: JC Nshimiyimana / CIP)

Potato Farmers in Rwanda help validate and disseminate new varieties

August 02, 2021
The triadic comparisons of technologies – or tricot – approach is being used in a citizen-science project funded by the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) to identify and scale up best cassava and potato varieties in Rwanda.
Farmers and a local extension agents measure potato yield following use of the AKILIMO platform to provide recommended fertilizer use. (Courtesy: JC Nshimiyimana/CIP) 

AKILIMO digital platform improves potato yields in Rwanda

July 04, 2021
CIP and RAB are focusing their efforts in this area to release varieties that are high-yielding, pest and disease resistant, and climate-resilient.  But is this enough to overcome the low potato yields faced by Rwandan farmers?
The Rwandan entrepreneur Apollinaire Karegeya is growing potatoes without soil and with little water.

Aeroponics: growing potatoes in the air - agricultural innovation in Rwanda

December 04, 2020
A Rwandan entrepreneur is pioneering the use of innovative farming technology that, he believes, is set to play a major role in feeding the growing population in his country, amid increasing pressure on arable land.
A seed breeder working in a potato seed multiplication greenhouse in Musanze District. The True Potato Seed technology will replace commonly used potato tuber seeds. (Courtesy: Sam Ngendahimana)

Rwanda pilots 'revolutionary' potato seeds

January 06, 2020
The Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) has started testing True Potato Seeds, which are produced by Solynta, a Dutch firm that develops hybrid potatoes. True Potato Seeds are collected from the berries or fruits of the potato plant.
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Farmers often sell their potato produce at giveaway prices during harvest season

Farmers in Rwanda are looking for better potato storage technology

December 10, 2019
Rwanda Agricultural Board has said that it is working with agricultural experts to introduce affordable technologies that could help store potatoes for over a period of six months in a bid to fight against food insecurity and low prices affecting farmers.
Insufficient seed inspectors lead to potato seeds scarcity –RAB

Insufficient seed inspectors lead to potato seeds scarcity, says Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB)

October 31, 2019
Rwanda needs about 35,000 tons of quality potato seeds to cover 25 percent of total cultivated land in each growing season. The targeted quantity to fill the existing gap is 60 percent despite persisting challenges.
World Potato Congress President Romain Cools

World Potato Congress Inc partner of the African Potato Association at the triennial conference in Kigali, Rwanda

August 30, 2019
During his presentation at the official opening of the 11th African Potato Congress in Kigali, Rwanda, World Potato Congress President Romain Cools announced the continuous effort of his organization to be a partner of the African potato sector.
Potato organizations on Monday called for deliberate efforts to increase potato and sweet potatoes production for sustainable nutritious food systems in Africa.

Potato organizations seek to leverage potatoes to address malnutrition in Africa

August 27, 2019
Potato organizations on Monday called for deliberate efforts to increase potato and sweet potatoes production for sustainable nutritious food systems in Africa.


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