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Construction to increase Pringles production in Poland to 60,000 tonnes has started
November 16, 2019
Kellogg Company has announced that construction has started on a new manufacturing line at its Pringles Factory in Kutno in Poland. This increases production capacity at the factory by 34 percent to approximately 60,000 tonnes of Pringles per year
Kellogg Company to build new production line for Pringles in Poland
February 05, 2019
The Kellogg Company is expanding its manufacturing facilities in Kutno, Poland. The expansion includes a new building and production line for its Pringles snacks
GAIN Report on Potatoes and Potato Products 2015 in Poland
December 08, 2015
According to a recent GAIN Report, the 2015 Potato production in Poland dropped 13% compared to last year to 6.7 million metric tons, due to average unfavorable weather conditions
February 13, 2009
A new study published in the March 2009 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition by Marek Naruszewicz and colleagues from Poland suggests that acrylamide from foods may increase the risk of heart disease. Acrylamide has been linked previously to nervous ...
October 02, 2008
A new healthy eating campaign in Polish schools is to deprive kids of their favourite snacks of crisps and candy being sold at the school shop.Poland’s Chief Sanitary Inspectorate is preparing a revolution in snacks on offer at shops in Polish schools:...