Successful start equipment manufacturer Florigo International BV

Successful start equipment manufacturer Florigo International BV
十月 19, 2012

Machine manufacturer Florigo International BV, established after the bankruptcy of BMA Nederland BV, has had a very successful start according to a recent statement of the new company:

"The last few months we (new management and current employees of Florigo International) have been working on the re-launch of our company. We are very grateful for all the positive reactions we have received from our clients and agents. As we are now operating almost 5 months we would like to inform you about some of our recently awarded projects."

Florigo International announces that the following contracts have already been closed:

Sea Regal Foodstuffs

Sea Regal is a producer in China of different kinds of healthy foods, organic food and snacks. The products are mainly sold to the USA, Japan, Southeast Asia, the EU, Australia, and Taiwan area.

To meet the demand in eastern Asia, Sea Regal planned to expand their production capacity.

Sea Regal and Florigo International agreed on supplying a new potato chips line with a capacity of 500kg/hour.

Snow Valley

Snow Valley is a company based in China. The core business is growing and selling potatoes and developing new varieties. Snow Valley has planned to start production of French fries. Florigo International is happy to announce that they have closed a contract to deliver and install a complete 2.000kg/h French fries line.

Haldiram and Balaji Wafers

Haldiram and Balaji Wafers are two big snack producing companies in India. Both companies would like to expand the production capacity of their Moongdal production lines. To realize this increase of production capacity Florigo International will add a centrifuge to both production lines.


Orion is one of the three biggest food producers in Korea with factories in China Vietnam and Korea. To establish a larger production capacity Orion planned to install a complete new two stage vacuum fryer. Florigo International is proud to announce that they finalized a contract for installing this vacuum oven.


Calbee is a large and very innovative snack company in Japan.

They planned to retain the innovative character of the company in the future and to expand their activities to the United States.

They rely on Florigo International to be part of this process. Therefore Calbee has closed a big long-term relation agreement with Florigo International for future projects for the coming 5 years.

Currently we are in a project to install and commission a vacuum fryer for Jagabee product for RDO/Calbee North America.


Hyfun Frozen Foods is a manufacturer of potato specialties from India. They want to expend their production capacity with a 2000kg/h French fries line. Florigo International is proud to deliver and install this production line.