HyFun Foods' HyFarm Initiative Appoints Soundararadjane S as the new CEO, Pioneering Fresh Produce Innovation

HyFun Foods' HyFarm Initiative Appoints Soundararadjane S as the new CEO, Pioneering Fresh Produce Innovation

HyFun Foods' HyFarm Initiative Appoints Soundararadjane S as the new CEO, Pioneering Fresh Produce Innovation

四月 18, 2024

HyFun Foods, a trailblazer in the frozen food industry, has announced the appointment of Soundararadjane S as Chief Executive Officer for their groundbreaking initiative HyFarm. 

Soundararadjane brings a wealth of experience of over 30 years in agriculture and a proven track record of success with global leaders like Monsanto and ITC (Technico). 

His strategic vision coupled with a passion for sustainable agriculture, aligns perfectly with HyFun Foods' commitment to delivering superior-quality fresh produce while minimizing environmental impact. 

Haresh Karamchandani, MD & Group CEO at HyFun Foods:

"Our appointment of Soundararadjane S as CEO of HyFarm underscores our commitment to driving positive change in the fresh produce industry."

"His deep understanding of the industry coupled with his strategic foresight will positively contribute in driving HyFarm's mission to create a sustainable and efficient ecosystem for fresh produce."

Empowering the Indian Farmer: A Spectrum of Agricultural Abundance

HyFarm is set to introduce a range of innovative solutions aimed at optimizing the entire value chain of fresh produce. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices, and strategic partnerships, HyFarm aims to empower farmers, enhance supply chain efficiency, and deliver premium-quality produce to consumers worldwide.

Under Soundararadjane S's leadership, HyFarm will continue to explore new avenues for growth and collaboration, working closely with farmers, industry partners and varied stakeholders to bring its vision to life. 

By embracing innovation and sustainability, HyFarm is poised to shape the future of fresh produce, delivering unparalleled quality and value to consumers worldwide. 

Rooted in Sustainability: The HyFarm Initiative

Sustainability is at the heart of HyFun Foods philosophy. This commitment is exemplified by the HyFarm initiative, a program that utilizes regenerative agriculture practices. These practices prioritize water conservation, minimize fertilizer use, and promote healthy soil, fostering a more sustainable future for farming. 

Soundararadjane S:

"Sustainability isn't just a buzzword at HyFun. By implementing these regenerative methods, we contribute to a brighter future for farming and a more sustainable food supply chain as a whole."

HyFarm epitomizes HyFun Foods’ unwavering commitment to harnessing India's plentiful fresh produce and building a backward integrated business model, with a goal of bringing 30,000 farmers into its fold by 2030. 

Fresh produce strongly contributes to the success of HyFun Foods, and through this initiative, they aim to strengthen commitment to sourcing high-quality fresh produce while empowering farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture. 

Building Bridges for Collective Success Soundararadjane plans to leverage his extensive network to connect HyFarm with key stakeholders, including farmers, processors, and international markets. 

Soundararadjane S:

"We're a platform for collaboration. We actively seek partners who share our vision for a sustainable and thriving fresh produce industry."

A Global Vision: A Partner for Growth

HyFun understands the growing interest in India's agricultural sector. HyFarm is actively pursuing table potato, onion and other fresh vegetable procurement directly from farmers.

Haresh Karamchandani:

"This strengthens our supply chain and positions us as a reliable partner for global investors seeking opportunities in the Indian market."

Collaboration is Key: Beyond the Humble Spud

HyFun’s vision extends beyond potatoes. HyFun is exploring fresh vegetable exports to international markets. 

This underscores the company's commitment to operating across diverse segments and venturing beyond just potatoes. This move signifies HyFun's ambition to become a leader in the broader vegetable industry.

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