Rudolph “the red-nosed reindeer” – who doesn't know him? Now not only the best-known reindeer on earth, but also a red-skinned Agrico potato variety.

The potato has red skin with deep red eyes, combined with the American white flesh color.

This variety occupies a special position in the supply for the red-skinned market.

  • General purpose
  • White fleshcolour
  • Large tubers
  • Good storability

Plant and tuber
  • Maturity: Early maincrop
  • Tuber shape: Oval round
  • Flesh Colour: White
  • Tuber size: Large
  • Skin colour: Red
  • Flower colour: Purple
The parentage of the Rudolph variety is actually a little uncertain as the British breeder did not properly document all of the relevant parentage data.

It is assumed that Rudolph is a cross between Chieftain and Stirling, but this is far from certain. In any case, the breed does display some resistance to late blight.

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