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Lamb Weston

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Solapas principales

Lamb Weston is the master brand for the potato products produced by Lamb Weston and Lamb Weston / Meijer

In order to strengthen its global branding, a new Global Brand Identity was formulated in June 2015, introducing the tag-line "Seeing Possibilities in Potatoes"

Lamb Weston Brand Manifesto:

All hail the potato. It’s the world’s third most important crop.

And as populations grow, so does demand for more potatoes.

Better technology. Tastier recipes. Greener processes.

Game-changing ideas and more inventive thinking. That’s where they come in.

As global industry leaders, it’s their responsibility to always be two steps ahead.

Always challenge the status quo.
Forever ask ‘What if?’. And never, ever settle.

They believe their inventiveness will help change the world in ways that won’t just satisfy their growing population, but nourish the environment and advance the industry too.

When they look at a potato, they don’t just see a potato.

They see possibilities.

(Click picture to watch video) Lamb Weston Brand Identity Presentatation

Lamb Weston Brand Identity Presentatation

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John Sedgwick, new Board Chair of the UK Potato Processors’ Association (PPA).
Mayo 23, 2024

Leadership change at the UK Potato Processors Association: John Sedgwick takes helm as Chair

John Sedgwick, the UK Potato Supply Manager at Lamb Weston, has been officially named the new Board Chair of the UK Potato Processors’ Association (PPA).
(LF) Johan Ichoh, Stephan van Kuik (CEO Lamb Weston), Abed Ichoh (Founder ILG Food Group), Tibor Warga, Roel Sweris, and Jurgen Meilink.
Mayo 19, 2024

Lamb Weston and ILG Food Group are now also partners for the Swedish foodservice market

Lamb Weston and ILG Food Group are intensifying their collaboration to better serve the Swedish Mediterranean foodservice market.
Lamb Weston actualmente ocupa decenas de cuadrillas de operarios de la construcción. (Cortesía: 0223)
Mayo 13, 2024

Argentina: Lamb Weston retrasada con la apertura de su nueva planta industrial

Las trabas en las importaciones han dificultado el cumplimiento de los tiempos previstos para la inauguración. La nueva fecha tentativa sería en el 2025.
VAVI is affiliated with the Potato Demonstration Day organization
Abril 15, 2024

VAVI is joining as one of the organizers of the Potato Demonstration Day

As of 2024, the Association for the Potato Processing Industry (VAVI) is joining the organization of Potato Demonstration Day (Aardappeldemodag).