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Lamb Weston

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Lamb Weston is the master brand for the potato products produced by Lamb Weston and Lamb Weston / Meijer

In order to strengthen its global branding, a new Global Brand Identity was formulated in June 2015, introducing the tag-line "Seeing Possibilities in Potatoes"

Lamb Weston Brand Manifesto:

All hail the potato. It’s the world’s third most important crop.

And as populations grow, so does demand for more potatoes.

Better technology. Tastier recipes. Greener processes.

Game-changing ideas and more inventive thinking. That’s where they come in.

As global industry leaders, it’s their responsibility to always be two steps ahead.

Always challenge the status quo.
Forever ask ‘What if?’. And never, ever settle.

They believe their inventiveness will help change the world in ways that won’t just satisfy their growing population, but nourish the environment and advance the industry too.

When they look at a potato, they don’t just see a potato.

They see possibilities.
(Click picture to watch video) Lamb Weston Brand Identity Presentatation

Lamb Weston Brand Identity Presentatation

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Nueva fábrica de Lamb Weston en Argentina
maart 01, 2023

Lamb Weston Invierte USD 250 millones en una fábrica de papas fritas en Mar del Plata

Funcionarios K y de Juntos presentaron la construcción de la planta, que funcionará en julio del año que viene, en el parque industrial de la ciudad balnearia.
The next generation of fries have arrived… and they are REALLY Crunchy!
januari 18, 2023

The next generation of fries have arrived… and they are REALLY Crunchy!

Lamb Weston has launched its latest potato innovation in the United Kingdom: REALLY Crunchy Fries! These ground-breaking coated fries promise an unbeatable long-lasting crunch sensation and are also very sustainable.
Get your fry on for the Lamb Weston ChampionChips 2022!
juli 11, 2022

UK Competition for Chefs to make the best Fries based side dish: the Lamb Weston ChampionChips 2022!

Lamb Weston announces the launch of its Champion Chips, a brand-new competition that celebrates those brilliant food service and hospitality chefs that see possibilities in potatoes! Think you can pimp up the nation’s favourite side dish?
Lamb Weston Poundo Potato Flakes
mei 12, 2022

Lamb Weston Nigeria introduces Poundo Potato Flakes

Lamb Weston has introduced Poundo Potato Flakes to the Nigerian market and stresses the need to improve the margin in the potato value-chain