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Atzmona Potatoes Production

Atzmona Potatoes Production LTD is a leading Israeli exporter of conventional and organic potatoes and carrots, offering quality fresh produce to the European market.

They provide full service, from the grower in the field right to the customer’s doorstep. Their motto, “We Know Our Potatoes,” reflects their commitment to supplying the best quality produce.

Constantly working to ensure better crop production and to contribute to sustainability, they are known for their proven quality, fine yields and their ability to cater to ever-changing markets and complicated logistical requirements.

Since its establishment in 1999, Atzmona’s produce has been sold in more than ten countries across Europe, providing different varieties of potatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes to some of the Continent’s leading supermarket and retail chains and packers.

Their produce is cultivated by farmers who have been growing crops on their soil for many years, enabling Atzmona to offer a variety of fresh products grown in optimal conditions.

They believe in transparency, honest communication and understanding the customer’s needs throughout the supply chain. Atzmona has been working with its loyal business partners for many years, building close relationships based on trust and reliability.

Driven by a passion for growing, they develop and promote new varieties for their various customers and new markets. All of their crops are monitored through regulatory bodies according to the strictest requirements. The company markets the produce of more than 700 hectares and operates two packing houses, all British Retail Consortium )BRC( certified.

Atzmona has won the reputation for providing packaging companies with superb quality produce and excellent customer support. Drawing on many years of professional expertise, they are committed to providing their clients with logistical solutions tailored to meet their specific needs.
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