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Carolina Starches, LLC

Native Potato Starch

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Carolina Starches is a North American supplier of specialty potato starch derivatives for the Pulp and Paper and allied industries. In January 2012, Carolina Starches was acquired by Penford Corporation.

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 Carolina Starches
Noviembre 10, 2011

Penford Corporation to Acquire Carolina Starches

Penford Corporation (NASDAQ: PENX), announced today that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Carolina Starches. Penford will purchase the company interests and certain assets of the businesses currently operated by Carolina Starches, LLC and Ke...
 Carolina Starches
Octubre 24, 2008

Steven Brower (Carolina Starches) joins Trident Workforce Investment Board

Steven Brower is an Owner/Partner in Carolina Starches, North America’s leading supplier of specialty potato starch derivatives for the pulp and paper and allied industries. Brower and his two partners purchased the North American Paper Division assets...