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Eagle Eye Produce

For over 20 years Eagle Eye Produce has been setting itself apart as an industry leader. Eagle Eye Produce team is committed to providing our valued customers with high-quality fresh produce an unmatched customer service experience, at the fairest price.

Established in 1996, Eagle Eye Produce came from humble beginnings in Roberts, Idaho, a little farming community in Eastern Idaho where Newman and Kathy Giles set up their first office in the laundry room of their home.

Providing quality potatoes has always been at the heart of Eagle Eye Produce. As a Premier Grower, Packer, Shipper, and Seller of many different varieties of Potatoes, they are able to provide a true year-round potato program to all of their customers.

Strategic Partnerships in Idaho, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, Wisconsin, and California keep availability and quality high all year round. Eagle Eye Produce grows, packs, and ships over half a billion pounds of premium potatoes every year. For a one of a kind experience from start to finish, look no further than Eagle Eye Produce when it comes to their Potato Program.

Eagle Eye Produce's Potato category is full of variety! Russets, Reds, Yellows, Whites, and Specialty round out the traditional catalog. We are proud to offer a year-round organic program for Russets, Reds, and Yellows as well. Having been one of the first to offer a true year-round organic potato program, Eagle Eye Produce is proud to offer their customers exactly what they are looking for.

This list typically contains only production facilities related to the potato Industry, e.g. Potato Processing facilities

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Eagle Eye Produce
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