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Elea GmbH is the leading supplier of Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) Systems to the food, beverage and scientific sectors.

They design, build and install PEF equipment suitable for a wide range of applications and outputs.

Elea’s highly qualified team of scientific and engineering experts deal directly with their customers to create new PEF process applications tailored to suit their specific needs. They can take your concept from an initial idea, through research to final production.

With cutting edge food physics, chemistry and microbiology laboratories alongside unrivalled pilot hall facilities, Elea offers new opportunities to create new processes, products and to measure value. Their ability to evaluate process, ingredient performance, and end product stability enables the successful implementation of new technology.

This is demonstrated by the commercial adoption of PEF with over 70 Elea systems installed worldwide since 2009.

PEF System Benefits in Potato Processing

Elea Pulsed Electric Field systems bring positive and dramatic changes to manufacturing. Improving output, reducing energy and labour costs, streamlining supply chain logistics, shortening process times and curtailing retail waste.

PEF is able to restructure raw materials such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and cassava which provides new shapes and product opportunities and enhances process optimisation.
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Elea Pulsed Electric Field Explained

PEF improves the extraction rates of juices, sugars, colours and other active substances, it increases yield and dramatically lowers water usage.

PEF inactivates microorganisms in liquid products such as juices, smoothies and purees which significantly extends shelf life, enabling better production planning. Low temperature processing preserves nutrients, colour and flavor.

All of this results in cost savings and higher product quality.

They are highly experienced especially in the potato industry regarding proven benefits to French fries and potato chips production.

PEF benefits for Potato Chips
  • Improved cutting, smoother surface
  • Higher yield (less fines and starch at cutting)
  • Reduced oil uptake
  • Reduced frying time
  • Higher capacity
  • Improved texture and crispiness
  • Brighter colour
  • New cuts and shapes
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Video presentation of the benefits of Pulsed Electric Field treatment for savory snack production

PEF benefits for French Fries

Processes/Energy consumption
  • Replacement of thermal preheater
  • Instant start up and shut down
  • Continuous, minimum energy consumption
  • Less starch in process water
  • Smaller footprint
  • Reduced blanching and frying time
  • Reduced ambient heat
Product quality
  • Texture softening
  • Higher yield (less breakage)
  • Longer fries
  • Reduced oil uptake
  • Smoother cut
  • Increased knife durability
  • Possibility to develop new cuts and shapes (e.g. Lattice cut)


Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) benefits in the potato industry

Elea GmbH offers global support, with highly skilled and trained engineers, ready to help with installation and maintenance. The design of Elea PEF machines are suitable for any regional Installation and control system requirements. All adhere to all regional certification requirements.

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