Elea PEF Advantage Belt systems

Elea PEF Advantage Belt system for innovative potato and vegetable processing

Elea PEF Advantage Belt system for innovative potato and vegetable processing

With over 175 installed systems, our PEF Advantage Belt system has been used throughout the potato-processing industry since 2010 and our PEF technology pre-treatment has become the standard worldwide due to its dramatic and positive changes to both product and process.

Elea PEF Advantage Belt systems are an energy-saving low-temperature process that replaces the need for blanching potatoes and other produce before cutting. As well as reducing energy and water consumption by up to 90%, the PEF Advantage Belt system is a volumetric treatment, so you can expect treatment uniformity, no matter the item of fresh produce.

Get the right Elea PEF Advantage system for your production line

We offer a range of different sized PEF systems with varying line capacities. In addition, we provide a design and build service to customise Elea PEF technology to your specific requirements.

All of our systems share the same 24/7 production capability and are designed to operate under extreme conditions. Designed to be easily and fully integrated
into your existing production line with minimal disruption.

PEF Advantage B 1, 10, 100, 1000

The industrial-scale solution for the treatment of tubers, roots, vegetables and fruits. Our PEF Advantage Belt systems are available in a range of four models: the PEF Advantage B 1, B 1 mini, 10, 100 & 1000. Each option is fully customisable to your requirements. 1 t – 70 t per hour processing capacity, quick start-up, low energy & water consumption.

For more information visit https://elea-technology.com/pef-advantage-belt/ or contact us at info@elea-technology.com

Our PEF systems and capacities:

PEF Advantage B 1 mini > 3 t/h
PEF Advantage B 1 > 6 t/h
PEF Advantage B 10 - 320 > 12 t/h
PEF Advantage B 10 - 600 > 18 t/h
PEF Advantage B 100 - 600 > 28 t/h
PEF Advantage B 1000 - 800 > 70 t/h