Elea PEFPilot Dual trial system for research - batch and liquid modus

Elea PEFPilot Dual trial system

Elea PEFPilot Dual trial system

Elea PEFPilot Dual system mirrors the process of the larger belt systems and can be used for research purposes. The design has focussed on a compact but versatile system allowing to process solid products in batch as well as pumpable products in a continuous mode.

The low inductivity, semiconductor typology based PEFPilot Dual can process up to 10 l volume in batch mode and up to 250 l/h in continuous mode. Using a patented quick coupling mechanism the conversion is fast and easy.

This freedom enables clients to test any kind of raw produce, from several potatoes to a single apple, or even fruit mash to a suspension.

After the experimentation has been completed, our clients can then move forward to replicate the process and PEF parameters and begin to experience the whole range of PEF benefits on a large scale.

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