Bem Brasil goes PEF

Impression of the facilities of Brazilian French Fry manufacturer Bem Brasil.

Impression of the facilities of Brazilian French Fry manufacturer Bem Brasil.

Noviembre 04, 2020

Bem Brasil is the largest potato processor and manufacturer of frozen French fries in Brazil. ELEA GmbH, the world leader in Pulsed Electric Field systems for food processing, has supplied a first PEF Advantage system for potato processing suitable for processing up to 30 ton potatoes per hour.

In addition, a second line with a capacity of up to 60 t/h will be supplied to the new, state of the art processing line in the Perdizes facility.

Walter Takano, Foreign Trade Manager at Bem Brasil:

"Elea is the leading supplier in the use of PEF in the potato industry. The experience, as well as the technical support Elea offers, was the most decisive argument for us."

Bem Brasil has visited reference clients using Elea PEF technology as well as the test centre of Food Physics, Elea’s distribution partner in North America.

Elea PEF technology replaces conventional preheating of potato tubers and reduces overall water and energy consumption. In addition, improved cutting, product yield and quality have been observed. The systems are installed prior to hydrojet cutting, where the low heat and energy process causes tissue softening and cutting enhancement.

(Click to enlarge) Elea Pulsed Electric Field SmoothCut™

Elea Pulsed Electric Field SmoothCut™

Stefan Toepfl, Managing Director of Elea:

"We are honoured that Bem, the largest potato processor in Brazil has decided to partner with us."
"Bem R&D and technical team have taken a close look what PEF can offer to their business and what other world-class French fry facilities are doing and have conducted hands-on trials making use of PEFPilot™ test systems."
"Additionally, they’re receiving great customer support locally from Schur, our sales and service representative in Brazil."

Walter Takano:

"Especially with technological investments, it is important to have an experienced partner on your side. With PEF technology, Elea promised to reduce our costs and increase yields."
"Elea offers excellent customer service and works together closely with us to achieve desired results and to meet our expectations."
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