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Imagine a World Without Potatoes

    From late 2018 until 2020 the International Potato Center (CIP) will lead a global campaign to raise awareness about the potato and its extraordinary value for humankind.

    The campaign is organised around the thought-provoking message 'IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT POTATOES'

    “There is no better way to realize the importance of something than by imagining what our lives would be like without it.”

    PotatoPro is proud to be the exclusive online media partner of this campaign.

    The Campaign

    'IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT POTATOES' is a thought provoking message that inspires emotion as consumers are reminded how the potato has given them comfort, fed them and even, on occasion, changed history.

    The campaign encourages the participation of hundreds of partners from all across the globe from both the private and public sector.

    Partners find ways to include the campaign message in their marketing, communication and outreach strategies. The marketing power of the private sector & other institutions around the world is harnessed under one umbrella concept to promote the potato. We encourage the creative and diverse use of the slogan.
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    Example of a campaign message

    Starting in late 2018 through 2020 consumers from across the globe will be invited time and time again, in a variety of platforms and styles to IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT POTATOES.

    The campaign team coordinates with all our partners to strengthen strategic efforts and develops a digital platform with an aggressive social media presence.

    Become part of this unique global campaign!

    Visit the campaign website for more information or use this product page on PotatoPro
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    Imagine a World Without Potatoes
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