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Hermes is the potato variety with yellow skin, oval, low tuber number and high dormancy. It has high dry matter and good fry colour. It is also suitable for crisp quality production, either fresh or from storage.

M S group started its journey in 1960 from a small village side grocery store. They have expanded with time and opportunity in many fields, including exports of chipping-grade potatoes.

During the season of 2022, they have supplied around 35,000 MT of Lady Rosetta and Hermes potatoes in the international market with higher customer satisfaction. They supply material in Gulf and Far East countries and deliver the material in the domestic market to different reputed companies.

They are geographically located in the heart of the potato-growing region of Gujarat, where they have been attached to the farmers for decades. They make advance contracts with the farmers in their area for the easy availability of material.

They also have wholly-owned hi-tech cold storage facilities to store 28,000 MT of potatoes. For the storage of additional material then, they keep other cold storage facilities in their area on rent.

Moreover, they also have a well-engineered packing house for a smooth and fast packing process. The pack houses have highly advanced grading, sorting, and packing lines. It helps us to deliver better quality throughout the season and supply material in 25kg, 50kg, and Jumbo bags (1250/1350 kg). As a result, they give surety for regular supply in required packings.
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