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Founded in 2011, TruLeaf’s has developed 'vertical farming' systems that allow year-round cultivation of leafy plants to replace or enhance current sources.

Its sustainable multi-level farms can be built anywhere, offering the key advantage of growing closer to your market, which maximizes freshness while reducing transportation costs and spoilage.

TruLeaf improves food production predictability through precision agriculture without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

Significantly disrupting the conventional leafy green supply chain in North America, TruLeaf sells its produce under the GoodLeaf brand, through a fully owned subsidiary, GoodLeaf Community Farms Limited, established to grow and market packaged produce in North America and beyond.

McCain Foods Limited acquired a stake in Truleaf in April 2018, but financial details have not been disclosed.
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McCain Foods 'Upping' the Stakes in Vertical Farming with GoodLeaf
Marzo 01, 2021

McCain Foods increases its stake in Vertical Farming startup GoodLeaf

McCain Foods Limited has made a substantial investment in TruLeaf Sustainable Agriculture and its wholly owned subsidiary GoodLeaf Farms, Canada's largest commercial vertical farming operation, to help drive the company's growth and expansion plans.
McCain Foods Limited makes strategic investment in Vertical Farming
Abril 12, 2018

McCain Foods Limited makes strategic investment in Vertical Farming

McCain Foods Limited has completed a strategic investment in TruLeaf Sustainable Agriculture, an innovative Canadian agricultural technology company that has developed proprietary indoor vertical farming technology to grow fresh and nutritious leafy greens.