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Avebe Innovation Centre might move to the Zernike Campus

Aerial view of the Zernike Campus in Groningen (The Netherlands). The Zernike Campus is home to "Rijksuniversiteit Groningen" en "Hanzehogeschool Groningen", two education and research organisations (educating about 35000 students) as well as 150 companies.

Avebe and Groningen University are jointly looking into the possibility of housing the Avebe Innovation Centre at the Zernike Campus in the city of Groningen.

This Innovation Centre accommodates all of Avebe’s marketing and R&D facilities and is currently located in Veendam and Foxhol.

Avebe is planning to reinforce its innovative strength with a single Innovation Centre.

This location will make it possible to combine internal knowledge in an inspiring setting and to develop knowledge with knowledge institutes. The focus will also be placed on partnership and contact with customers.

Avebe and Groningen University are currently holding talks with the aim of making firm agreements.

Innovation at Avebe

Innovation at Avebe

At Avebe the destination is clear. The starch potato is our crop, and our aim is to extract everything to be had from it. It is only if we succeed in that aim that we can offer our growers the best possible returns.

The journey begins in the field, where we help our members to increase their yields with fewer resources. The processes at our production locations also bring us closer to our aim. Innovation makes it possible for us to work more and more cleanly and efficiently.

New products are the final stage of the innovation rocket. Since we are the only party in the world able to extract protein with a special cold process technology, we make the leap from ‘feed’ to ‘food’, from animal feed to food ingredients.