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Adam Klasa New President and CEO of Farm Frites Poland

Adam Klasa became President and CEO of Farm Frites Poland earlier this year.

At the beginning of the year, there was a change in the position of the President and CEO of Farm Frites Poland SA.

Ernst Christoph Lehmann-Bärenklau, who managed the company since its opening in 1994, was replaced by Adam Klasa - the COO and Member of the Board.

Adam has been employed in FFP right from the beginning of the company and has been continuously holding very important positions, such as Head of Maintenance, Plant Manager/Director and, finally, has been promoted to COO in 2015.

Adam graduated from the Technical University in Gdańsk, but despite of the technical background, he also holds a MBA degree.

Adam is committed to continue the high management standard set by Chris, putting first the respect of the employees as well as the continuous improvement, in line with the mission introduced by Chris already 25 years ago – “What we do, we do well. What we do well, we can probably do better – Together”.

Ernst Christoph Lehmann-Bärenklau is now President Global McDonald’s Business at Farm Frites Holding

Ernst Christoph Lehmann-Bärenklau is still connected to Farm Frites Holding as President Global McDonald’s Business.

He is heading up the international team of directors and managers for McDonald’s in Farm Frites locations around the world (Poland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Egypt and China) and people responsible for the various aspects of this cooperation (agriculture, quality, sustainable development, finance, innovations and promotional products).