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Translicer® 2520 Cutter: Savings In Sanitation

Translicer® 2520 Cutter: Savings In Sanitation

Building on the original TranSlicer that revolutionized the commercial, fresh-cut salad industry, Urschel introduces the new TranSlicer 2520 Cutter.

The TranSlicer 2520 processes a variety of products for the food processing industry such as leafy vegetables, celery, leek, carrots, cucumbers, and fruits.

Anthony (Tony) McCracken, the Urschel engineer behind the machine's design:

“Customers really appreciate the savings.”

“On average, TranSlicer 2520 customers report saving 25 minutes per washdown/cleaning procedure compared to the machine that they replaced.”

“The overall design of the 2520 sets itself apart.”

“The concept encompasses the next generation of sanitation to greatly reduce cleaning times. Accessibility to every area of the machine expedites washdowns.”

“All surfaces are engineered to promote water drainage.”

“Stand-offs located throughout minimize overlapping joints and improve inspection and decrease cleaning times.”

“IP69K rated IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) electrical components incorporated throughout machine withstand high pressure, high-temperature washdowns.”

As the Global Leader in Food Cutting Technology, Urschel is the #1 best-selling provider of industrial food cutting equipment in the world.

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Urschel designs, manufactures, markets, and sells precision, high capacity cutting equipment for the food processing and related processing industries.

In business since 1910, Urschel delivers a complete network of sales and service around the globe wherever food is commercially processed.

Urschel machinery and the bulk of all critical parts are manufactured on-site, under one roof to maintain optimal quality.

As an employee-owned company, every employee contributes to Urschel's ongoing success.

Urschel remains dedicated to providing the latest in food cutting technology to benefit regional and global scale customers. Urschel offers free test cutting.

Customers may witness test cutting of their product in-person, via video, or live remotely.

A comprehensive report is generated for each test cut for customer consideration.

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